At MirrorShine we offer a complete beautification of your car.  We produce the “wow” effect that you want from your car’s appearance.  The following describes all that is involved in our detailing process and why.

Citrus Pre Wash

We begin with an eco friendly citrus pre wash to gently remove the tar, bugs, road grime, brake dust and other debris that can be found on your car from regular driving.  This type of pre wash is best because it uses no harsh chemicals or abrasives while it removes these debris from your car, tires and rims.   We have found that this one product with its ability and eco friendly nature is the best for your car and the environment.

Clean Water Wash

We use only fresh water because any contaminants in the water can actually scratch or otherwise damage your car’s surface.  The car shampoo we use is an eco friendly cleanser that provides a layer of protection for your car while it removes the dirt and other contaminants from your car’s surface.  This clean water wash uses lapproximately five gallons of water.


After our pre wash and clean water wash, there might still be some contaminants or other debris sticking to the surface of your car.  It is usually not possible to remove these smaller contaminants during the wash process so we use a special type of clay to do this.  Claying is a non abrasive way of removing the very last of these undesired elements.   It is labor intensive, but essential to the appearance of your car.  It is an important step in that any contaminant left on your car’s surface could lead to minor scratches and an otherwise undesired appearance.  Claying resolves this.


We use polish to bring out the cars maximum color and shine.  Polish is often confused with wax because it is often thought that both polish and wax do pretty much do the same thing.  Actually, polish is used to prepare the car’s surface for the glaze and wax that follows.  Polish provides a smoothing out of the paint’s surface and removal of minor imperfections like swirl marks and abrasions.  When the polishing is completed, a glass like surface remains.  This glass like surface is best for the application of glaze and wax.  Polish is usually applied using an orbital polisher for best results.


Following the polish is application of glaze.  Glaze is used to further enhance the car’s color and shine.  It is a step often skipped over and thought of as unnecessary.  We do not believe this to be true.  Our goal is to get the maximum shine and depth of color for your car and glaze is a necessary step in achieving this goal.  The shine left behind is quite remarkable and gives you an unbelievable amount of gloss that really grabs the light for maximum reflection.


Sealing the car’s surface after glaze is essential for the protection of your paint.  The sealer we use contains amino functional resins and protects far better from abrasions, swirls, fine scratches, road grime, bug smear, moisture, pollution and more than any wax can.  Protection lasts from three to six months depending on driving conditions.  At this stage of detailing, your car might look finished, but there is a very important step remaining which is the wax.


Our last step in the preparation of your car’s paint is the application of wax.  The wax we use is a rich and dense collection of raw carnauba wax and also contains ingredients like, beeswax, almond oil etc.  It is premium Number 1 grade carnauba and contains no artificial colors.  This exotic formula provides for maximum depth of color and shine and is unsurpassed by any other wax.  It also provides your car with the coveted “wet look”.  When it rains you will see an unbelievable beading up of the water and additionally there is a “micro beading” which is truly a sight to behold.  We are proud to offer this type of wax in our service and it is the only type of wax we use.

Tires and Rims

We use special and abrasive free products to clean and polish the rims.  The tires are treated with a poly charger formula which is from a new group of German super polymers that provide for a long lasting, but not too shiny appearance.

Engine Compartment

Engine thoroughly cleaned.  All rubber and plastic components restored to as close to factory appearance as possible.

Interior Detailing

The interior portion of detailing includes a cleaning of the upholstery / leather, dash, seats,  windows, doors, door jambs, rubber, plastic, carpets shampooed and vacuumed.  The products used are specific to interior auto detailing and are second to none.

Upholstry Repair

We can repair cigarette burns to a like new appearance in cloth, header panels and leather.

Waxing the Exterior during a car detailing
Detailing the Headlight
I had him detail both of our family cars. I bought them used and never saw them as clean as when Wes returned them.Steve T. -Akron

Wiping the Interior of a vehicle on the dashboard.

When it rains you will see an unbelievable beading up of the water…Wesley Pratt, Owner

We specialize in high-end, classic and luxurious vehicles