About MirrorShine

MirrorShine is a Premiere Auto Detailing Specialist

MirrorShine is a premiere car detailing company specializing in the beautification of fine automobiles.  We produce the “wow” effect that you want from your car’s appearance.  From the daily driver car to the collector car, we’ve established ourselves as a premiere car detailer offering the finest detailing available in Northeast Ohio.  Only the finest domestic and imported products are used to restore your car’s hidden beauty – you won’t find any of our products at AutoZone.

MirrorShine was formed in March of 2000 by Wesley Pratt.  Wesley’s number one goal is to share his passion for the art and beauty of cars, preserving them as well as possible.  Wesley is a very detail-oriented individual and will exceed all expectations when it comes to your car’s beauty.

Anybody can wash a car and vacuum up the dirt.  Here’s a real example of the MirrorShine difference – look at this door on a client vehicle.  There are two pictures here, slightly different angles and one up close to show you the severity of some scratches to the paint.

A vehicle all scratched up
More detail showing the scratches on the car door

We did everything we could to get those scratches out of the door’s paint.

How’d we do?

We removed the scratches from the car door